Family Law Practice Areas


Nearly everyone goes into a new marriage thinking it will last forever, and in a perfect world this would be true. Unfortunately, couples often find that they are simply not compatible with one another

Legal Separation

The legal separation of a married couple will mean different things in different states. In Florida, separation is not recognized as a legal status between two people; you and your spouse are either married or divorced.

Collaborative Divorce

When you are considering or preparing for divorce, it is perfectly understandable to feel anxious about the intense court battles that can sometimes follow. You may be worried about the expenses of court proceedings and legal representation, your final property division arrangements, or maintaining your rights as a parent.


If you are entering into a divorce or are facing other legal issues, mediation may be an ideal option for you to reach a settlement or resolution outside of court. Mediation is a powerful method that can be used to resolve disputes without entering into a costly court battle.


Even after a major transition like divorce or separation, life continues to change. After some time has passed following a divorce, many people find that the agreements they made at that time are no longer relevant or helpful.

Partition Actions

Some divorce-related issues, such as alimony or child custody, are not concerns in every divorce proceeding. However, the best way to divide a couple’s shared property is almost always a topic of debate in a divorce.


Custody and child support arrangements can become very complicated even in relatively straightforward divorces. When there are other factors involved, such as dispute over the identity of a child’s biological father, the result can be a real legal struggle.

Domestic Partners

The legal separation of a married couple will mean different things in different states. In Florida, separation is not recognized as a legal status between two people; you and your spouse are either married or divorced.


Parents play a vital role in their children’s lives, providing support, education, nourishment, and decisions on very important matters. Sadly, circumstances sometimes prevent parents from offering their children everything they need.

Child Support

Child support laws are based on the simple principle that parents share responsibility for their children even after divorce. Despite the clarity of this statement, legal and social issues related to child support can be very difficult to sort through.

Juvenile Dependency

Family law courts handle many different cases, from joyful new adoptions to difficult divorces. Some of the most painful and complex proceedings take place in juvenile dependency courts. In a juvenile dependency case, parents can face intrusive investigations and even the chance of losing their children.

Custody and Visitation

For many divorcing parents, one of the most difficult steps in the process is trying to agree on a fair and healthy child custody arrangement. This is not only emotionally trying or hard to organize; there are many legal matters that can arise at this time.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a terrible problem for the entire community as well as the individuals involved. It is also the topic of many misconceptions and common myths. For example, while many people think of domestic violence as an act that men commit against women, it can actually take many different forms.


Adoption is a beautiful occasion in which a child is welcomed into a new family and home. It can happen in many different ways, from international adoptions to adoptions of grand- or stepchildren. No matter what kind of arrangement you are planning for your family,

Divorce Decree Enforcement

One of the final stages of a divorce is the issuing of a divorce degree, a document that spells out the conditions of your divorce such as property division and child support arrangements. These conditions have been developed by the couple involved, their legal representatives, and the courts in an attempt to be fair to everyone.

Online Divorce

If you think online divorce is an option you may consider, visit this link to learn more about the process.

Other Areas

Estate Planning

Many people feel uncomfortable making plans for their own deaths. This is an understandable reaction, but it is also important for everyone to overcome it. Dying or becoming incapacitated without an estate plan can leave behind a frustrating legal and financial mess that your loved ones will have to clean up.


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