Adoption is a beautiful occasion in which a child is welcomed into a new family and home. It can happen in many different ways, from international adoptions to adoptions of grand- or stepchildren. No matter what kind of arrangement you are planning for your family, it is very important to have a complete understanding of your legal rights and obligations.

At the Schlegel Law Group, we are proud to help families and children make informed decisions about their lives and futures. Our Orlando adoption attorneys can help you arrange an adoption and protect your parental rights.

Types of Adoption

These days adoptions can be arranged in many different ways, allowing parents and children to find the best living arrangements for their circumstances. Our Orlando adoption lawyers can help your family with whatever process you choose, including:

  • In-state adoptions: These can be made through a private agency, the state foster system, or through private arrangements between individuals. Almost any adults who live and work in the state and can demonstrate good moral character are eligible to adopt this way.
  • International adoptions: Welcoming a needy child from outside the US into your home is a rewarding but often complicated process. These adoptions are usually arranged through private or non-profit agencies in conjunction with foreign governments, whose polices about eligible adoptive parents can vary widely.
  • Open adoptions: Some biological parents find themselves unable to completely sever ties with their children, but under the policies of an open adoption, they do not need to. An open adoption is an arrangement between biological and adoptive parents that allows them to meet one another and, if they choose, keep a line of communication open through the child’s life.
  • Stepparent and other in-family adoptions: If one or both of a child’s biological parents are willing to waive parental rights, the child can be formally adopted by a stepparent, grandparent or other relative. This can be the best way to secure parental rights for a very important person in a child’s life.

Every adoption is different. Before you make any decisions about your family’s future, it is strongly recommended that you discuss the matter with an Orlando adoption lawyer.