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A domestic partnership is an arrangement in which two adults share their homes and assets without the formality of an official marriage. The term is often associated with gay and lesbian couples, who enter domestic partnerships because they cannot legally marry in our state. However, a man and a woman who do not wish to marry for any reason can also be domestic partners.

Some cohabitating couples choose to enter a kind of contract called a domestic partnership agreement, which is somewhat similar to a prenuptial agreement. A domestic partnership agreement is not recognized by the family courts and cannot be enforced in the same manner as a marriage contract. It can, however, be enforced under contract law in most cases.

To learn more about domestic partnerships, including advice on whether this would be the right arrangement for you, call an Orlando domestic partnership lawyer from the Schlegel Law Group at 407-953-9726.

The Contents of a Domestic Partnership Agreement

An Orlando domestic partnership agreement can contain provisions about many different issues, depending on the needs and wants of the parties involved. A few examples of matters that may be decided in such an agreement include:

  • Plans for custody of children and/or pets if the partnership ends
  • How child and/or partner support will be handled if the relationship ends
  • Plans for the death or mental incapacitation of a partner
  • Financial arrangements such as trusts or responsibility for certain expenses
  • Healthcare arrangements between partners, and regarding children and/or pets

Unfortunately, domestic partners often face many different challenges related to healthcare, insurance, taxes, child custody, and more. Our Orlando domestic partnership agreement lawyers are proud to help our clients fight for the recognition they deserve.

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If you are interested in drafting a domestic partnership agreement, or need assistance enforcing one, our Orlando domestic partnership attorneys can provide the assistance you need. Contact the Schlegel Law Group today at 407-953-9726.

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