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Even after a major transition like divorce or separation, life continues to change. After some time has passed following a divorce, many people find that the agreements they made at that time are no longer relevant or helpful. Fortunately, the law allows people in this situation to amend or modify certain arrangements, although it is not always easy.

If you are coping with an outdated alimony or child custody arrangement, the Schlegel Law Group is here to help. Our Orlando modification of divorce decree lawyers can do the necessary analysis to build a strong case, then argue persuasively on your behalf. Call our offices today at 407-953-9726.

Orlando Divorce Modifications

Modifications to divorce arrangements are not uncommon. Nearly any aspect of a divorce decree can be modified in certain circumstances, but the most common adjustments involve:

  • Child support: When one parent’s financial circumstances or a child’s needs change, the non-custodial parent may need to pay more or less in child support.
  • Child custody: There are many different factors that can affect a child custody arrangement. A custodial parent may become unable to care for a child, or one parent may move to a new location and need to change visitation schedules, to name only two examples.
  • Alimony: Sometimes alimony payments need to be increased or decreased as people’s financial statuses change. In other cases, alimony can be ended altogether due to a remarriage or other circumstances.

Unfortunately, even when the facts are on your side, modifying a divorce arrangement can be a struggle. The assistance of a qualified Orlando divorce modification attorney is an important component of a successful request for modification.

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The Schlegel Law Group provides efficient and knowledgeable legal assistance to each of our clients. To discuss your case with one of our Orlando divorce modification lawyers, contact us at 407-953-9726.

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