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Custody and child support arrangements can become very complicated even in relatively straightforward divorces. When there are other factors involved, such as dispute over the identity of a child’s biological father, the result can be a real legal struggle. While modern technology has made it easier to determine paternity than ever, the related legal issues can remain frustrating.

No matter what side of a paternity dispute you may be on, the Orlando paternity dispute lawyers of the Schlegel Law Group can help. Our extensive legal and technological resources enable us to give every case we handle the careful and detailed analysis it needs. Call our offices at 407-953-9726 today.

Defining Paternity

Simply being a child’s biological father may not automatically guarantee legal paternity, which is the collection of rights and responsibilities that the courts award to fathers. Similarly, a man can have parental rights without being a child’s biological parent. Sometimes people need to bring paternity suits to the courts before they can receive the rights they deserve or avoid unfair obligations.

Establishing Legal Paternity

Our Orlando paternity lawyers are prepared to help our clients with a variety of paternity cases, including:

  • A father trying to establish paternity to receive parental rights
  • A woman’s current or former partner denying paternity of her child
  • A mother seeking child support from a biological father
  • A child seeking to determine the identity of his or her biological father

Most paternity disputes are settled with DNA testing, but even objective evidence does not always create an “open and shut” case. Legal issues related to children’s needs, the right to refuse testing, and other issues can make these cases very complex. One thing is clear, however: anyone involved in paternity litigation needs knowledgeable legal assistance.

Contact Us

The Schlegel Law Group’s dedicated Orlando paternity case attorneys can provide you with the information and advice you need to make sound legal decisions. Contact us at 407-953-9726.

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